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Google Map is the preferred location search application

Google Maps marks its origin to two Danish brothers who created mapping software that efficiently displayed the roadmap. Google showed keen interest in the project and initiated a merger with ‘Where 2 Technologies’, a company owned by the brothers. Under the able supervision of Jens and Lars Rasmussen, Google dished out the revolutionary Google Map in the year 2005.

The map is a consolidated reference to your preferred destinations, displays alternate paths, latest satellite images and provides realistic updates on the destination. All you need to do is to set the starting and ending point for your journey, Google Maps assists you safely to your destination.

In the face of stiff competition, it takes significant effort to establish a bond with the customer. Therefore, any mechanism that helps business managers to get new clients and retain them is highly sought after. Our connected world is ever more demanding and the one cannot ignore the importance of technological advancements to stay connected.

Companies often display their store/office addresses on the website, in order to help prospective customers in finding the location with ease. But is that enough? Well, truth be said, that sure is one of the ancient Flintstone age approach. Niche smartphones, cool navigation devices, voice over assistance are the new trends in route planning. And Google Map is where you get it all.

Use Google Maps in your Website

Drive Your Business with Google Maps! Google Maps can be integrated in your website without coding.

  • The first step is adding the address to our simple interface.
  • The second step involves selecting the location using the zoom option.
  • Choose the design of the map - hybrid, terrain, street view or Satellite view.
  • Click the generate button.
  • Copy the generated Java Script code and paste in your webpage.

Five simple steps and you are off with your customized Google Maps.

Does a Map add value to your business?

Of course it does. Here’s a list of great benefits you get from Google Map.

  • Detailed road map of your store/venue/office.
  • Directions including left and right turns, blocked roads, congestions.
  • Traffic details and time estimates (Private vehicles, Public transport, bicycle and walking)
  • Transportation details (timings, schedules, fare, overall cost and comparative analysis)
  • Elevation, temperature, etc.
  • Showcase previous customer feedbacks for you store. Help your customers make an informed decision.

Advantages of using Google Maps

We already talked about the advantages from a business point of view. Let’s discuss on the various options and salient features, which could be deemed as another form of “Advantage”.

  • Satellite Images

    Google Maps uses satellite images captured by any of the satellites and distributed by NASA to create realistic view of earth. Google Maps can also be used along Google Earth to create a mesmerizing 3-dimensional view of the earth’s terrain.

  • Google Maps Street View

    Google Maps Street View comprises of a panoramic view of images captured by people and stitched together to create a continuous image.

  • Dynamic traffic updates

    Google has an efficient algorithm, which analyzes the location of mobile devices, and how fast or slow they are moving to determine the status of traffic. Google Traffic provides this service through real time traffic coverage of a particular area and detailed information ensuring that you won’t be stuck at long traffic snarls.

  • Route plan

    You can be on a car, bus, train or plane. Google Transit, which works best with Google Map could provide more information transit time, cost, transportation schedules, fares and cost comparative study if you travel by your car. Pedestrian mode helps you track your run and can be efficiently used by any fitness enthusiasts to keep a track of his/her route.

Google Maps route planner

Google Maps is a comprehensive travel companion. What are you looking for? Local cafes, restaurant, offices, pubs, nightclubs, shopping malls, a particular lane, a locality, a tiny little shop? That is what the Google Maps accept from you and crunches the details to provide the most efficient path.

Real time traffic with Google Maps

Legitimate traffic and transportation arrangements are two of the pain points which make people wary about travelling. Google Maps with the latest iteration has addressed this specific problem. It tracks vehicular movements from mobile devices that are connected to the internet to know the density of traffic and intimates before you actually opt for that specific road.

Google Maps creates a brand identity for your Website

Believe recent trends and extensive researches show that customers are likely to visit your business organization if there is a map on your website. This provides them respite from the harrowing task of searching you out through long hours of aimless Internet searches, asking people around and wandering all across the place.

Our five step procedure helps you to create your custom map. Copy-Paste a simple Java Script code into your website and explore the wide possibilities. And here’s the best part. Our website is free. You needn’t even provide your E-Mail address. No sign-up forms. No E-Mail lists. No registrations. So what are you waiting for? Come and get your customized Google Map copy.

On Google Maps you get a chance to display all your great feedbacks and reviews right against your location pin on the map to create a brand identity for your business. This also helps creating a positive sentiment among users who could now take informed decisions.

No wonder everyone is looking to capitalize on the value Google Maps provides. Restaurants, hotels, real estate organizations as well as important businesses are using Google Maps to its full potential. Create your own brand identity today on Google Maps and see the surge of user base. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us